Query string converter 3.0

A powerful, light and useful tool for converting your SQL query into code
A powerful, light and useful tool for converting your SQL query into code

Written by Minh Tuan Do

Posted at 01 Jan 2019, 09:51 PM

String query converter version 3.0 has been released!


String query converter is a powerful tool created by me, in order to help you in working with Entity Framework/Dapper. 

Turning SQL query into programming languages, such as C#, is a boring job. After you finish a query, you have to convert them into C# code to run. The common approach is to concatenate these query and we might get something like this:

string query = " SELECT cntry.CountryName, " +
 " city.CityName, " +
 " cus.CustomerName " +
 "FROM   dbo.Countries cntry " +
 "JOIN   dbo.Cities city " +
 "ON     cntry.CountryId = city.CountryId " +
 "JOIN   dbo.Customers cus " +
 "ON     cus.CityId = city.CityId " +
 "WHERE  cus.CustomerName LIKE '%' + @cusNameKeyword + '%' " +
 "OR     city.CityName LIKE '%'    + @cityKeyword + '%' " +
 "OFFSET @skip ROWS"

 But it's often not an interesting stuff, because you have to do it manually and the steps follow are:

1. Create a query string

2. Declare parameter variables

3. Execute and get the result using EF or Dapper

And when the query has any problem, you often do the following to debug:

1. Manually convert that query back to SQL standard

2. Execute and debug with SQL Server Management Studio 

3. Edit your query to correct them

4. Repeat the 3 steps above to convert them into C# code

That's why Im here to help 🤣


String query converter version 3.0 change logs

Version 3.0 supports the following features:

  • Convert SQL query into C# code
  • Convert C# code into SQL Query, now support converting when using string interpolation syntax ("$") ⭐NEW!
  • Automatically generate SQL Parameter and apply C# syntax, now support both Entity Framework and Dapper ⭐NEW!
  • New region for daily quote and update notification ⭐NEW!

Try it now

 You can download the application at the link below:



Just extract and run the .exe file.


Donald Trump 06 Jan 2019, 05:32 PM

Great! Thank you!

Tino 28 May 2019, 06:24 PM

Could I have a source code please?