SQL Query Execution Tool

Feeling tired of waiting for SQL Server? This one is faster
Feeling tired of waiting for SQL Server? This one is faster

Written by Do Minh Tuan

Posted at 11 Feb 2018, 09:27 PM

Query it! Just query it!


Sometime, all we need to do with our database is just select some record (for example: to recall the username of an administrator you have forgotten), or update something (for example: change the price of an item). The solution I often do is to run SQL Server Management Studio (and others tool like MySQL Workbench, Navicat, Query Browser,...), wait for them startup up to 15 seconds, then slowly open "New Query" window. I think I need a mini-tool to help me do the stuff faster.

About dmtExecuteSQL

dmtExecuteSQL is a mini-tool written by me with Netbeans IDE, Java programming language.

Current functions:

  • Connect to MS SQL Server and execute query
  • Access via Windows Authentication and SQL Server Authentication
  • Switch to Nimbus theme
  • Connect to MySQL and execute query
  • Add more themes


To use this tool, you need a PC which meets the following demand:

  • Java Virtual Machine installed
  • Microsoft SQL Server installed, is running and listening to TCP/IP (if not, consider the SQL Server Configuration Manager to turn it on and enable TCP/IP)

How to use?

Step 1: 

  • Check if your DBMS is running and listening to TCP/IP
  • Download dmtExecuteSQL and extract it

 Step 2: 

  • Check if sqljdbc_auth.dll is already installed: 

For Windows, go to C:\Windows\System32\ and look for it. If it is not installed, from dmtExecuteSQLfolder, open auth folder. Depend on your operating system (32 bit or 64 bit), copy the file sqljdbc_auth.dll in x64 (for x64-based processor PC) or x86 (for x86-based processor PC) and paste the file to C:\Windows\System32\ (You need permition to paste the file there).

For Mac and Linux, I'm sorry I am not an experienced user :(

Step 3:

Run dmtExecuteSQL.jar and it should appear like this:

Type your Server name. Hit the SAVE button to save it if you dont want to type it the next ime.

Click CONNECT and check if your current databases displayed in the dropdown-list below.

Select database, type your query and hit EXECUTE QUERY for SELECT and EXECUTE NON-QUERY for INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE.

You can check the status by seeing the MESSAGE label.

 Never move lib folder or the 2 files inside it away, it should be placed in the same folder with dmtExecuteSQL.jar file.


You can download the application at the link below:



Do Minh Tuan - UEd, The University of Danang

Email: it.dominhtuan@gmail.com

Skype: it.dominhtuan

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